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Getting Around - Taxis

A safe and reliable mode of transportation service is a key element in enjoying one's visit to Jamaica. It is advisable to be extraordinarily vigilant when considering the type of taxi services to use. If in doubt check with your hotel, they can recommend reliable taxi service providers.

Licensed JUTA Taxi Services

The empirical evidence suggests that the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA) taxi services is the most used transport facility for visitors to Jamaica. This is because the JUTA services are considered to be one of the safest modes of transportation for visitors. JUTA members and taxis are officially licensed by the Tourism Product Development Company, the regulatory body for Tourism products and services in Jamaica. JUTA operates vehicles of varying sizes Island-wide, and are distinguished from other taxis by the abbreviation “JUTA” displayed on the vehicles.

Contact details for JUTA taxi services are listed in the Transport section of the Directory of the Listing Section.

Licensed Chartered Taxi Services

There are some excellent licensed chartered taxi operators in Jamaica - safe, reliable and good customer service. (The CEO of this website can attest to this claim, from his experience using this service). Chartered taxis are private taxis, which are hired for a specific journey and a fixed charge, irrespective of the number of passengers. They provide a broad range of taxi services. These include airport pick-ups and drop-offs; and tours. These taxis are usually booked in advance, by calling the operator's office to have the cab dispatched to your pick-up location at a specified time - fares should be agreed before the journey when you book a vehicle. Some services must be set up at least 24 hours in advance. However, for "short journey trips", you can call a taxi at short notice; they will typically arrive within 5-15 minutes, depending on the location and state of traffic.

Should you wish to book a Chartered Taxi by telephone, then you will be able to find their phone numbers in the Transport section of the Directory listing of this website. Alternatively, most hotels will have a list of reputable, licensed operators. All licensed Chartered vehicles have a distinctive red licence number.

Other Taxi Services

There are a number of other taxi services operating in Jamaica – some are safe and reliable and some are not. These include the “route taxi”, which operates over short distances around city and town centres. They are usually hailed on the streets and are shared by many passengers at the same time. Taxis are best ordered by phone and preferably not hailed on the streets.