Things to Know


Customs & VAT Rules

To ensure that you get the most from your visit to Jamaica, it is advisable that you familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations governing import/export of goods to the Island. Jamaica customs and value added tax (General Consumption Tax) rules applying to travellers, returning residents, importers/exporters are listed in the Jamaica Customs website. We have provided a brief introduction to clearing customs at our airports and a list of relevant topics.

Clearing Customs at the Airport

After disembarking the aircraft and being processed by Immigration, passengers should proceed to the Customs/Baggage Hall. The use of cell phones is NOT allowed in the Customs Hall. Passengers should immediately collect their luggage from the designated carousel which is usually announced on the intercom and electronic screens.

When "Clearing Customs" at the airport, ensure that you have read and filled out the Customs/Immigration Declaration Form (C5 - white form). Declare all items acquired abroad and the price paid for them. Please remember to sign the bottom of the form.

Cutoms' Topics

After retrieving your luggage from the carousel, you will either proceed to the red or green lines depending on the contents of your luggage. However, let us discuss your allowances first to be sure about which line you will join to be processed.

  1. Passengers' Allowances
  2. Prohibited Items
  3. Restricted Items
  4. Duties, Taxes and Fees on Imported Items
  5. Commercial and Personal Importing
  6. Importing a Motor Vehicle
  7. Returning Residents
  8. Commercial and Personal Exporting

More detailed information can be obtained from the Jamaica Customs Department website. The link is provided below: