Knowing Jamaica


”Wi likkle, but wi tallawah" : English translation of phrase - We are a small country, but our achievements belie our size. This phrase aptly describes Jamaica, in the context of our culture. Many aspects of our culture have permeated that of many nations. Our reggae music and jerk sauces are “staple diets” of many countries. Our sprinters are the "darlings" of the world's track and field competitions. There can only be one response to our achievements ..."Nuff manners and respec, boss man". Our culture has evolved from our varied history ...The Island was once colonized by Spain and Britain. Then developed by enslaved Africans...then there were Indians, Chinese and other settlers, that make us what we are today..."Out of Many, One People".

Jamaica is a small country … only 146 miles long and 58 miles at its widest part. Regardless of size, Jamaica has had a huge impact on the world!...athletics and reggae music. And weather to die for. Jamaica is generally considered to be a tropical country, but some would argue that because of its distance from the equator (just south of the Tropic of Cancer), and the mountainous terrain, we should be considered semi-tropical. Average temperature is about 78°F with places in the mountains being much cooler. For example, Mandeville, the capital of the parish of Manchester, often experiences 60°F weather; while at the same time Kingston, the Island major city, is experiencing 80°F weather. On the whole though, Jamaica does not have extreme weather, and most would consider it healthy.

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