Discovering What's On


Jamaica is "bursting at the seams", with a wide variety of things to do...particularly at weekends. Come and engage your eyes and ears...and mouth,...catch the vibe and experience and participate in, vibrant music, cultural dance performances, and a variety of local cuisine, at any of the numerous events and activities that are taking place, ever so often, on the Island.

Come and experience the stunning beauty of our Island. Climb a waterfall, zipline through forests, swim with dolphins, or go horseback riding in the ocean. This picturesque Island abounds with activities for families, the adventurous and those simply seeking a relaxing retreat. Choose from the many attractions and tours will be "spoilt for choice", for things to do, see, hear...

Jamaica has a rich and varied history, as a result of its colonisation by Spain and Britain. Come and uncover the unique places and "off the beaten track" areas, that contribute to our "Jamaica-ness". You will be "blown away" by the things and places you will will be curious to know more.

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