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Promoting Jamaican products and services, and helping people save time and money in their interactions with Jamaica, is our business and our passion. We are the "digitised logistic hub" for people from all around the world, who are seeking to obtain a broad range of information about "everything Jamaican". On this basis, this is the ideal place for you to advertise your organisation's products and services...because you want to reach international markets.

Why Advertise on JAMAICA Eyes&Ears?

Connect with a global audience! Are you looking for a cost effective method to promote and market your products and services to a global audience? Do you want to tap into new markets, sell more of your products and services and make invaluable local and international contacts? Then you should consider the online advertising opportunities that are available through JAMAICA Eyes&Ears.

JAMAICA Eyes&Ears provides a great opportunity for you to promote your products and services to anyone who spends, or is thinking of spending money in Jamaica. Our website is an unparalleled medium to communicate with those who are planning to visit or do business in Jamaica; and those who live in Jamaica.

There are considerable benefits to advertising your business on JAMAICA Eyes&Ears. They include the following:

  • Aligning your business with an innovative, modern and enterprising website;
  • Exposing your business to a targeted and qualified audience;
  • Strengthening your online marketing;
  • Maximizing your business profile;
  • Advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The information below relates to paid-for advertising.

Online Advertising Rate Card / Top Priority Visual Placement.

We have 2 dedicated “top priority” spaces in a high visual space located at the top of the JAMAICA Eyes&Ears website.

The size of each of the advert slot is 140x45 pixels (which must be a static graphic).

When you join the JAMAICA Eyes&Ears advertisers, your banner will join the other advertiser’s banners in a rotation. On the JAMAICA Eyes&Ears website, navigation clicks generate page refreshes and your banner will rotate into place on the website.

Advertising packages

  • Package 1 - US$149.99 USD per month
    • 12-month 140x45 banner rotation placement
  • Package 2 - US$154.99 USD per month
    • 6-month 140x45 banner rotation placement
  • Package 3 - US$159.99 USD
    • 3-month 140x45 banner rotation placement

For more details, please contact our Customer Support.

Important Note

JAMAICA Eyes&Ears website does not accept advertising from websites with inappropriate contents.

Examples of sites we consider as having inappropriate contents, include sites that:

  • Promote Racism
  • Promote Sexism
  • Promote Homophobia
  • Contain sexually explicit materials or pornography
  • Contain hate, violence or offensive content
  • Promote discrimination
  • Promote Religious intolerance
  • Contain Nudity or other sexually suggestive content
  • Promote illegal activities or otherwise violates any applicable laws.