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Culture & History

”Wi likkle, but wi tallawah" : English translation of phrase - We are a small country, but our achievements belie our size. This phrase aptly describes Jamaica, in the context of our culture. Many aspects of our culture have permeated that of many nations. Our reggae music and jerk sauces are ...

Climate & Weather

Jamaica is a small country … only 146 miles long and 58 miles at its widest part. Regardless of size, Jamaica has had a huge impact on the world!...athletics and reggae music. And weather to die for. Jamaica is generally considered to be a tropical country, but some would argue that because of ...

    More In Jamaica

    Are you planning to come to Jamaica to pursue studies at one of our Universities or Colleges? Are you planning to come to Jamaica to work or set-up business? We will help you, by providing relevant information, so that your planning and ultimate experience on the Island will result in you ...

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    Things to Know

    "Information is Power". "Information is Knowledge". "Information is Security". When you come to Jamaica, we want to ensure that you make the most efficient and effective use of your time - vacation or business. Therefore, we want to help you to learn about passport and visa requirements for ...


    Jamaicans are "world-renowned", for their warm and generous hospitality. From the warm welcome you receive on arrival on our shores; and at your accommodation facility, to the courteous and friendly service during your stay; everything is geared to make your visit an enjoyable one. Jamaica has ...

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    Jamaica is "bursting at the seams", with a wide variety of things to do...particularly at weekends. Come and engage your eyes and ears...and mouth,...catch the vibe and experience and participate in, vibrant music, cultural dance performances, and a variety of local cuisine, at any of the ...


    Come and experience the stunning beauty of our Island. Climb a waterfall, zipline through forests, swim with dolphins, or go horseback riding in the ocean. This picturesque Island abounds with activities for families, the adventurous and those simply seeking a relaxing retreat. Choose from the ...

    Uncovering Jamaica

    Jamaica has a rich and varied history, as a result of its colonisation by Spain and Britain. Come and uncover the unique places and "off the beaten track" areas, that contribute to our "Jamaica-ness". You will be "blown away" by the things and places you will will be curious to ...

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    Properties for Sale

    Browse our property listings and make your selection from a wide range of real estate facilities - whether your purchase is for a "dream home", vacation home, or business or investment purposes. You will find a wide range of property types... from studio apartments, to luxury high-end town ...

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    Find the right place to rent or lease, for short or long term, or for vacation. Select from an array of properties - residential, commercial or land - that meet your needs. Also, you can sign up for alerts, so that you are the first to learn about new properties listed for rental/lease, on ...

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    Value-added information! Value-added Information! Value-added information! We want to help you with your information needs from Jamaica, by providing key information to assist you in getting the best results in your interactions with the Island. Here you will find articles on a wide range of ...


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